dimanche 6 janvier 2013

Animals and Creatures : Week 1 !

e-mail : yannick.jouneau3d@free.fr

Hi there !

I got enrolled in a pilot class in Animationmentor ! Woot !

It's a 3 months class, where we are going to work collaboratively on a 8-10 shots sequence ! Like in a real feature films studio !!

I feel so great, this is gonna be AWESOME !!

Plus, these shots concern fantasy animals and creatures. Get ready to see some quadrupeds and orcs very soon ^_^

Our mentor is Nicole Herr (who worked on IronMan 2, Sucker Punch, Green Lantern, Superman Returns,...), so we are in good hands :-)

So I just started week 1, and as there is going to be an assignment at the end of every week during those 3 months, I chose to post them on my blog. Enjoy, and of course:


mercredi 12 décembre 2012

Steam Greenlight: Geometreek at 6% !

e-mail : yannick.jouneau3d@free.fr

Hi everyone !

I sometimes check the comments on Geometreek, the version I posted on Steam Greenlight. Actually, this helps me having a rough idea of how this game meets gamers expectations.

Of course, my game isn't going to be released on Steam, but hey... guess what.

Geometreek reached 6% of what is needed to be released !

Yes, I'm happy because I never would've imagined I could reach 1% !

That's cool, so I wanted to let you know I'm proud of what I made here :-)

And if you want to check the page and support the game, please feel free to visit this address:

Geometreek on Steam Greenlight

See  you soon !!

mardi 20 novembre 2012

New graphic tablet : nobody can stop me now !

e-mail : yannick.jouneau3d@free.fr

Here's my new colorized puppet ^_^

Enjoy :-)

mercredi 14 novembre 2012

True colors !

e-mail : yannick.jouneau3d@free.fr

Hi there !

As I already tried to colorize a rabbit, I wanted to go on and give it a try with more complex shadows and greyscales. Here are some results !

Each one took me about 2 hours or so. And I'm not mentionning that I just bought a REAL graphic tablet (WACOM) and it changed a lot of things ^_^

Now I'm ready to keep going !

Enjoy !

lundi 22 octobre 2012

Acting shot: done !

e-mail : yannick.jouneau3d@free.fr

I just finished polishing the shot ! There are still some details to fix, but right now it is acceptable ^_^


Je viens juste de finir l'animation ! Il y a encore quelques détails qui ne vont pas, mais ça ira comme ça ^_^

Acting shot: almost done !

e-mail : yannick.jouneau3d@free.fr

Hi everybody !

I've been working on a shot for 2 or 3 days now. It's not finished yet, but I still can share it with you ;-)

Enjoy !


Salut tout le monde !

J'ai travaillé sur une animation ces 2/3 derniers jours. Elle n'est pas encore terminée, mais elle est présentable ;-)

Enjoy !

lundi 15 octobre 2012

A short with Animationmentor.com : First pass up !

e-mail : yannick.jouneau3d@free.fr

Hey everybody !

Here is the first pass of the animation I'm currently working on with Bobby Beck at Animationmentor.com !

The subject of the Beta Test is still secret, but I can share my video ^_^

A thing to know is that we've been 3 animators working on a 22 seconds long short for 3 weeks ! And as I am working on shots 3 and 4, I wanted to share this with you :-) This is still a WIP, and it's slowly but surely coming to life !

Enjoy !

PS: bug at the beginning... I don't know why Youtube encoded it that way... sorry !


Salut à tous !

Voici la première passe de l'animation sur laquelle je bosse en ce moment avec Bobby Beck d'Animationmentor.com !

Le sujet du Beta Test est toujours secret, mais je peux partager ma vidéo avec vous ^_^

Une chose à savoir, c'est que nous sommes 3 animateurs à travailler depuis 3 semaines sur un court-métrage de 22 secondes ! Et comme je suis responsable de l'animation des scènes 3 et 4, je voulais les partager avec vous :-) C'est toujours en 'construction', et ça vient à la vie, lentement mais sûrement !

Enjoy !

Ps: petit bug au début de la vidéo, je ne sais pas pourquoi Youtube a encodé comme ça... Désolé !